How To Join the Pre-Sale!

Send Your Desired Amount of Ethereum-to-SpaceSanta Conversion to 0x0CC7597F57380033Cb56a76bDe27AcB603da8C40

More Details

You can join the Pre-Sale right here below by connecting your MetaMask (below) and using our built-in MetaMask transfer specifying the ampount of Ethereum you would like to buy in with.

Otherwise the simply go to your wallet provider and send the amount of Ethereum you want to buy in with using an Ethereum transfer to our wallet address at -- 0x0CC7597F57380033Cb56a76bDe27AcB603da8C40

All transfers to our wallet are guaranteed the Pre-Sale buy in price unless we are oversold. Then you will receive the 1.5x increased Pre-Sale buy in price. You will still get your Space Santa's.